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A Trip to the Lights Fantastic

13 March 2017 BY CMC PR

The Berlin IFA is a very big show, attracting all of the major consumer electronics manufacturers who present their latest and best new products each September.

Everyone wants to put on the best visitor ‘event’ at their stand, which is why we found ourselves 2600Km north of London, in the Artic and the bitter cold with a professional crew shooting the Northern Lights.

Our venue was Tromso in Norway – followed by a four hour boat trip to the very end of the country with only the island of little Karlsoy between us our catamaran and the North Pole - that and another 2000Km of open water.

And, happily, we were very lucky. Only on one night of the four that we searched, but we did get to witness a really spectacular, bright and vibrant light show for nearly two hours; when many visitors only get to see clouds or snow.

The content will be put into a short film, specially framed to show Ambilight at its best and designed to entertain visitors to the Philips OLED TV stand at IFA this Autumn.

There will also be a longer documentary explaining the best way to get to see the Northern Lights and how best to film them.

Look out for both films in early September and remember to visit Philips TV at IFA to see them – with OLED and Ambilight - at their most spectacular.