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Hi-res quality without the wires

08 July 2019 BY CMC PR

How many times can you say you’ve been in at the start of something new audio wise? Not many I guess. Especially changes that can claim to set new standards for audio quality.

The arrival of Bowers & Wilkins Formation system is one such moment. Yes, it’s true the idea of wireless audio systems is hardly news but the Formation products are the first wireless speakers to genuinely deliver performance without compromising on audio quality.

This leads to some changes in the way you think about hi-fi, especially after enjoying the superb performance of the Formation Duo system in particular.

And as someone who had taken much time to complete the ‘perfect’ system of matched separates - pre & power amps, network streamer etc - and agonised even longer over the performance and price of the best interconnect and speaker cables while investing in a nice piece of furniture to house it all – the Formation Duo’s leads to some consternation because all of this is rendered, at stroke, redundant. 

Throughout my
time listening to glorious hi-res music – from multiple sources - my old system sat there unused. I now had exactly the same functionality but at a higher quality and without the need for multiple boxes, cables or furniture – and that had never happened to me before.

Using the Formation Audio product I also had the novelty of transmitting vinyl wirelessly in 24bit 96Khz quality to any Formation product in any room but it’s more serious application is to be able to place the turntable conveniently anywhere in the main listening room - wire free.

That convenience is backed up by all Formation products being Roon ready. I had wondered if anyone would pay good money for a what is a fancy content aggregator but experiencing Roon first hand had made everything else appear at once, crude, clumsy and ugly.

Formation Duo has proved a turning point for me and one I’m sticking with – I now just need to find the hi-fi cable category on Ebay and enjoy my extra free space at home.