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Bowie & Yoyo

23 September 2016 BY CMC PR

Bowie & Yoyo introduce Melomania

It’s not every day that you get to use a photo – and an unseen original one at that – of an all time hero on an invite to an event.

And it’s not every client that decides to change a complete floor of under utilized office space into a fully fledged, live sound space with an in-house designed and built sound system.

Melomania (loving melody to an insane degree, no less) is the rather appropriate name for the new venue lovingly created by the team at Cambridge Audio at their London HQ in Borough.

And while the venue is very, very new, word has already got around that it’s also very good, to the degree that Warner Records asked to use the venue for the launch of a record that was definitely just as special.

So, on a Wednesday night, members of the press, luminaries of the music industry, competition prize winners and the teams from Cambridge Audio and Richer Sounds, all gathered together to hear the first official listening session of David Bowie’s unreleased album: The Gouster.

Naturally, for an album originally slated to launch in November 1974, the assembled group enjoyed the glorious playback of the album on vinyl via the new sound system and the latest Technics TL-1200G turntable

The incredible quality of sound on offer was all the more remarkable due to the key elements of the sound system being constructed from slightly modified speakers and electronics from Cambridge’s consumer range.

The end result is a system that has the same transparency and detail of Cambridge’s hi-end audio but with thunderous low-level bass and the capability to do all of this while reliably playing very, very loud!

Bowie had never sounded so good. Which was also a great point on the night to introduce Cambridge’s latest Bluetooth speaker range: Yoyo combining a genuine British Sound with the best of British fabrics to an exceptional effect.