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Gaggia launch Velasca bean to cup coffee machine

Image of Gaggia launch Velasca bean to cup coffee machine

24 April 2018 by CMC PR

Gaggia celebrates 80 years of coffee excellence with the introduction of the Velasca bean to cup machine

Gaggia, the inventors of the modern espresso coffee machine, are celebrating 80 years of exceptional coffee with the launch of the new mid-range, two model Velasca series of bean-to-cup machines. 

With the introduction of the new Velasca range, Gaggia continues its tradition of allowing consumers to enjoy the finest, barista style coffee with the minimal effort.  Exceptional expresso with an extraordinary aroma is all just a moment away and at the push of a button. 

The new two model Velasca range sits above Gaggia’s existing Naviglio introductory level bean-to-cup models and offers many of the features of the high-end products but at a more affordable price.

Gaggia VelascaAnd unlike capsules, with all Gaggia bean-to-cup machines you get to choose the quality of the coffee used. 

The Velasca  and Velasca Prestige models are priced at £579 and £829 respectively and are ava

ilable now, online from the official Gaggia UK shop ( and leading Gaggia Specialist stores nationwide

Gaggia Velasca Prestige.

“Velasca offers a tailor-made coffee where you can choose the grind, shot and body according to your own style. Press a button and in a few seconds you with have coffee as good as the best professional barista espresso”

 The Velasca Prestige is the top product in new range and is an ultra-stylish premium model featuring a high-quality stainless-steel finish with an integrated, splash free, milk carafe for those super creamy, delicious cappuccino’s or milk foam Latte’s – perfectly delivered thanks to Gaggia’s Perfetto Technology.

As with all Gaggia bean to cup machines Velasca includes high precision, 100 % ceramic grinders - with ten grinder and five aroma settings - to create the ideal grind for extracting maximum flavour while preventing the coffee from overheating with the risk of a burnt taste.  Ceramic grinders also enable quieter operation and promote, accurate long-lasting performance.

Velasca also features a quick heat boiler that reaches the perfect temperature fast and ensures the same hot coffee is delivered every time. It’s easy to use memory functions remember exactly how you like your favourite drink and delivers it at the single push of a button.

In addition, this intuitive machine is very easy to clean, and delivers great, fresh taste from clear and purified water, thanks to its built in Auto Rinse and the patented AquaClean water filter systems that automatically clean the coffee circuits on start-up, or when you switch off.

Full description of Velasca Prestige features:

  • 6 beverage styles available at one touch. 
  • High quality stainless steel finish.
  • Extracting maximum flavour 100% Ceramic grinders
  • Adjustable, 5 aroma strength and 10 grinder settings.
  • One touch cappuccino with integrated milk carafe
  • Perfect milk foam thanks to Perfetto technology.
  • Auto rinse & guided decaling -  up to 5000 cups without descaling with Aqua clean filters
  • High quality stainless steel finishing
  • Simple clean milk residue after every use with milk clean function.
  • Store personal settings.
  • Smartly designed to fit any kitchen countertop.



Gaggia VelascaGaggia Velasca.

Introductory model in the new range, the Velasca is available in a high-quality black finish.

Then standard model shares all of the features of the Prestige version but replaces the milk carafe with a panarello frothing wand and reduces the number of pre-set beverages from six to three.






Full description of features:

  • 3 tasty beverages at one touch: Espresso, coffee, or milk-based recipe.
  • High quality black finish
  • Extracting maximum flavour via 100% Ceramic grinders
  • Adjustable, 5 aroma strength and 10 grinder settings.
  • Quick to heat boiler,
  • Adjust your coffee spout to fit any cup.
  • Delicious milk froth from the pannarello milk frother.
  • Auto rinse & guided decaling. Up to 5000 cups without descaling with Aqua clean filters
  • Store personal setting
  • Smartly designed for ease of use.

About Gaggia.

Achille Gaggia patented the first electric pump driven coffee system in 1938 to become Father of the modern Espresso Machine. For 80 years Gaggia has been supplying both bars and homes with innovative, state-of-the-art coffee machines. Beautiful, timeless products inspired by the fashion, design and culture of the day, - as well as the inherent Italian passion for la dolce vita. Today, Gaggia continues to dominate the espresso machine market in Italy – the home of great coffee!

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