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Rayvolt Cruzer - a cutting edge e-bike with a timeless design

Image of Rayvolt Cruzer - a cutting edge e-bike with a timeless design

02 May 2019 by CMC PR

Rayvolt Cruzer - a cutting edge e-bike with a timeless design

The most advanced e-bike launches in the UK and adds a touch of style to riding

Available now from £3,400 

Born in the artistic and creative centre of Barcelona, the Rayvolt Cruzer has been designed to put some real style into the e-bike market plus a smile on the face of all those who see or ride it. 

While the design of the Cruzer may be deliberately retro its technology is most definitely ground breaking with a specification that includes: advanced brushless motor design, high-quality/capacity batteries, Intelligent Pedal Assist, 180mm hydraulic brakes, an Intelligent Regenerative Braking System and the in-house developed EIVAÒ software to control, monitor and customise the riding experience – and coming soon, also track or remotely lock the bike

Riders have a wide choice of features to create their perfect Cruzer. The bike is available in of two sizes (with 24” or 26” wheels) and three colours (Clockwork Orange, British Racing Green, or Gun Metal Grey with the option to select acustom colour) plus two brushless motor sizes and  two battery capacities.

Rayvolt has also ensured that every Cruzer can be unique through a wide range of high-quality accessories including leather luggage, rear racks, saddles and helmets, copper finishing, light kits, mirrors, white wall tyres and fat rims and a range of stylish clothing.


Cutting EdgeTechnologies

At the heart of this stylish retro design ebike is the bespoke brushless electric motor and 48V battery pack.  

The Cruzer has a unique in-house designed, rear hub mounted brushless three phase dc motor comprising of 48 different copper coils and magnets that are placed on the outermost perimeter of the motor for the best possible torque.

The built-in controller is fixed (non-rotating) in the middle of the hub and receives an unrivalled 1000 measrements per second for both the temperature and position of coils which allows an incredibly accurate application of load power - to produce an unmatched smooth ride with a rapid response and zero winding noise. Other benefits of the advanced brushlessmotor include better acceleration and torque with less vibration and power consumption.

The Cruzer also features the latest Lithium-Ion battery technology with high-quality, long-life and high-output batteries from Samsung and Panasonic.

Due to the 48V batteries high density and the way the cells have been carefully packed, an unmatched capacity of 550Wh and 1100Wh is available – most of the industry reaches  300 to 360Wh – while a state-of-the-art battery management system connects to each cell before delivering any charge, which ensures the best possible performance while also making the battery safer.

Rayvolt offer the option of two chargers - standard and solar – allowing the Dual, larger battery to be charged in just 2.5 hours and offering a maximum range of up to 50 miles.

Intelligent Regenerative Braking System

The battery range is further extended by the patented, regenerative braking system. The in-house developed system sends data from the brake levers to the brushless motor controller which can implement a reverse effect in the motor, using the wheel inertia to generate electricity and recharge the batteries whilst riding.

 The intelligent iRBS is linked to EIVA's built-in gyroscope allowing the bike to also detect the cycling environment. The Cruzer will then adjust the amount of regenerative brake according to the angle or slope of the terrain.

Intelligent Pedal Assist

The Rayvolt pedal assist system can intelligently self-adjust to offer a continuously varying amount of perfectly smooth power assistance.

A dual load sensor on the electronic crank set measures both the torque applied to the pedal and the rotary speed of the crank while information on the road incline is taken from the gyroscope.

The controller then takes in all of the values and uses a smart algorithm to compute how much smooth power assistance is required.

EIVA – Complete intelligent software control

To complete the rider experience Rayvolt’s EIVAÒ software can be downloaded free as an App for an existing Android or iPhone or can be used with an optional dedicated removable computer display– both the phone or computer can be securely mounted to the handle bars.

EIVA connects to the brushless motor, battery and crank by Bluetooth and can monitor the bike’s speed, the state of the battery, and distance cycled. The system can also adjust the configuration of the bike, calculate and adjust the level of pedal assistance, receive gyroscope and coming soon; GPS/GSM information and the ability for the Cruzer ebike to be remotely tracked and remotely locked.  



Test rides are available on request. For additional materials, photos, or information please contact:

Craig Duggan


Tel: +44 203 794 2222


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